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With today’s soaring energy costs, many New Hampshire residents are one job loss, uninsured illness, or other bad break away from not being able to pay their utility bills. By contributing to Neighbor Helping Neighbor, you can help others who face an energy emergency but don’t qualify for federally funded energy assistance programs. Every cent of your tax-deductible contribution goes directly to assist someone who needs help but has nowhere else to turn.

About Us

Neighbor Helping Neighbor (NHN) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable corporation created in 1986 to help utility customers who experience some sort of emergency or financial hardship but are unable to qualify for other government-funded energy assistance programs. Our grants are designed to prevent these customers from having their utility service disconnected because they are unable to pay their bills. We typically assist some 1,200 New Hampshire families each year.


100% of your contribution goes to help your neighbors in need! Administrative costs are paid by the participating utilities.


Our mission is to help customers who suffer financial hardships, but who are not eligible for traditional energy assistance programs, meet their basic utility needs without service interruption.



Participating Utilities

Our board of directors is made up of representatives from the three participating utilities (Eversource Energy, Unitil Electric, and Liberty Utilities) and the six Community Action Agencies (CAAs) across the state. 


The CAAs make all the decisions on eligibility, and control disbursements from the fund on behalf of eligible customers. The utilities pay all administrative costs of the program, so every dollar contributed goes to help neighbors in need. The utilities also match their customers’ contributions, up to a fixed amount, based on how much assistance their customers need, and how much their other customers have contributed to the fund.


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